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It is finished!

Congratulations Alexander Williams for completing the Meadows Apartments fire alarm project in Whitestown, IN. This is the largest single fire alarm project that OnGuard has undertaken so far, involving approximately 1400 labor hours. Despite encountering a few curve balls and fouling off some balls, Alex played the role of our clean-up hitter and successfully brought […]

58 year fire alarm and still running…

We found this Notifier fire alarm panel operating in Lebanon, IN, in a Child Care Center. You might say they got their money’s worth from this system. It is not to current code but it’s still working. A 58 year old alarm that is still functioning is a testament to its quality and durability. With […]

Insurance Requirement – No DIY alarms

Not all DIY alarms are created, installed or monitored equally Case in point from personal lines insurance agent whom we recently secured. (No DIY alarms)To meet safety requirements: Note: Your current centrally monitored fire alarm system lacks necessary components, which could lead to delayed fire detection, endangering lives and property. Note: Chubb defines a professional […]

Alarm Monitoring Rate Increases at OTHER alarm companies

OnGuard: No rate increases in a decade. Commitment to security alarm prices. Rates remain steady, no future plans to change. Tired of unexpected alarm monitoring rate hikes from other alarm companies? Say goodbye to surprise charges and hello to peace of mind with our transparent and reliable alarm monitoring service. Our competitive rates ensure that […]

BOGO Smoke Sensors for National Fire Prevention Month in October

As the crisp air of autumn ushers in the month of October, there’s more than just pumpkin spice lattes and cozy sweaters to look forward to. This month carries a weighty responsibility as it marks National Fire Prevention Month, a time when communities come together to raise awareness about fire safety. But what if we told you that this year, you could not only safeguard your home but also save big in the process?

Imagine a world where protecting your loved ones from potential fire hazards is not only a priority but also an affordable one. Picture this: Buy One Get One Free on Smoke Sensors exclusively for National Fire Prevention Month! Yes, you read that right! In a society where safety often comes at a steep price, this limited-time offer is a beacon of hope for those looking to fortify their homes without breaking the bank. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to double up on protection while saving a pretty penny.

Apartment ADT Fire Alarm: The Hero in Crisis Management

In the heart of chaos, when flames dance menacingly and fear grips tightly, a silent hero emerges – the Apartment ADT Fire Alarm. Picture this: a bustling apartment building, a hive of activity and life, suddenly plunged into turmoil by the unforgiving touch of fire. Yet, in the midst of panic and uncertainty, it is the unassuming presence of the Apartment ADT Fire Alarm that stands as the unsung savior, a vigilant guardian against the ravages of disaster.

Imagine a scenario where every second counts, where swift response is the thin line between calamity and salvation. Here, the Apartment ADT Fire Alarm shines bright like a beacon of hope, its shrill warning piercing through the chaos, mobilizing residents to safety, and summoning help in the nick of time. This blog post delves deep into the pivotal role played by this unassuming lifesaver, exploring how the Apartment ADT Fire Alarm serves as the cornerstone in crisis management, embodying the essence of preparedness and vigilance. Witness firsthand how this unassuming device, armed with unwavering reliability and swift responsiveness, truly saves the day when all seems lost.

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