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Active Deterrent Cameras – Look but don’t touch

Active deterrent cameras have advanced surveillance capabilities, capturing high-quality video footage while also incorporating additional features to deter potential intruders. They come equipped with built-in motion sensors and programmable LED lights, which flash brightly when motion is detected.. Active deterrence aims to startle and discourage those with malicious intent. Combining technology and visible deterrents, these […]

Active Deterrent Dumpster – One man’s trash

The Active Deterrent Dumpster aims to reduce illegal dumping practices, offering a unique solution. This innovative system utilizes advanced technology to detect and deter unauthorized dumping, emitting loud sounds, flashing lights, and even spraying water. By actively deterring individuals from dumping waste illegally, this dumpster helps protect the environment and keep communities clean. Equipped with […]

Active Deterrent – Spin Away

The cutting-edge security system, Spin Away, actively deters intruders and protects your property. This system uses advanced technology. It combines motion sensors and spinning mechanisms. This creates a strong visual and auditory deterrent. Spin Away’s activated devices rapidly spin upon detecting an intruder.. They emit a loud noise, creating a visually alarming effect. This active […]

Active Deterrent – Dumpster Driver

The cutting-edge security system, Dumpster Driver, actively protects dumpsters from unauthorized access and illegal dumping. This system utilizes advanced technology such as cameras, sensors, and artificial intelligence to detect and deter unauthorized dumping activities. The Dumpster Driver has motion sensors to detect movement and deter illegal dumping with lights, sirens, and a sprinkler. It captures […]

Active Deterrent Clip – SUV leave

The Active Deterrent Clip, an innovative solution, aims to prevent SUV leave from unintentionally leaving their parked positions. Equipped with sensors, this clip detects movement and instantly activates a warning system when the vehicle is about to move. The system includes audible alerts and flashing lights to alert the driver and those around the SUV. […]

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