Peace and Eternal Security (Spiritual matter, read at your own risk:)

This verse, John 10:10, is one dear to me as it part of our Purpose; Security. Eternal security is even better. It’s our mission to stop thieves from stealing. It includes preventing ‘bad things from happening to good people’ so in that light, I share this:

As an electronic security integrator, our systems and services perform an important task but only go so far.

As the founder and owner of OnGuard, a professed believer and follower of Jesus Christ, I wanted to share this picture, this reminder of John 10:10.

The power of Jesus cam empower us to a whole new and the ultimate level of eternal security and beyond even that; to one of everlasting joy and abundant life IF we exercise our faith, believe and repent unto Jesus Christ, our LORD and my Savior. Yeah, that was a long sentence and probably not grammatically correct but a certain as the sun will rise tomorrow is my belief in Him.

If this doesn’t resonate with you, I hope it does some day and know that I share this in love. Faith is a mysterious thing. God is a mysterious Person. He is love and much more. May He bless all of us in amazing ways.

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