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Security System Offering – Quality Promise and Guarantee of $100 for 60 minutes of your time.

We work long and hard to provide the best security systems available. Contact us to learn about the best home and business security systems on the planet. As the owner with over 30 years of local security experience, it’s my promise and our guarantee. Nothing but the best. You deserve nothing less. If after we […]

We help control Break-Ins

Don’t come home to this! With a Home Security System from OnGuard, the homeowner can feel at ease. The un-alarmed homeowner lost many valuables in this home invasion. Including a laptop, big screen tv and a digital camera. Now they are dealing with window replacement, police reports and insurance deductibles. OnGuard Tip: If you have […]

Q&A: Outdoor Lighting, LTS App, and remote viewing of Cameras

Solutions for Outdoor Lighting QUESTION Hi Kirk, I have a few questions concerning my outdoor lighting. I have noticed that I have an IR illuminator that is not functioning on one of my cameras. It is focused on the drive in front of our home.  I did bring this up at the initial installation, but […]’s New Video Doorbell

It’s here! We have been waiting and now it’s available. The only Video Doorbell that has smart analytics and a host of other features. Video Analytics with instant Notifications: rolls out enhanced People detection analytics

Analytics, smart cameras are making a huge impact. If you aren’t using video analytics for security systems, it might be time to start. We can now give our customers additional real world reasons to upgrade to smart video monitoring—now’s advanced analytics allows operators to rapidly and accurately assess your alarm footage thanks to this […]

Alarm Monitoring Rate Increases at OTHER alarm companies

At OnGuard we have never had a rate increase and have no plans of one in the ten years of we have been in the security alarm business. Other companies do it as matter of practice. If you read ADT’s small print on their contract (last I looked) it says they reserve the right to […]

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