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The team at OnGuard is happy to announce we are actively installing and service the new medical wellness platform. 
When to consider Wellness
  • Your loving family members wish to stay at home sweet home as they age but want the peace of mind of knowing caretakers are watching out for them.
  • You sometimes fret and worry that something has happened when someone close doesn’t stay in touch.
  • A loved one has an illness or need that requires some extra attention and care but can’t afford expensive expert care.
  • You think a smart safety net for active and healthy aging family would be a good idea.
More than an emergency button
                                                         …a complete 24/7 safety net Medical Wellness provides a secure and very cost-effective option for independent living with safety, security, and peace of mind
We have developed a comprehensive eco-system to cover basic and beyond with fully integrated smart stuff ready, willing and able to serve you and your loved ones.
Peace of mind with monitoring & alerts
Family and caregivers are able to monitor activity, such as how much time is spent in bed, the favorite chair or even when wondering out of the house. And, with affordable smart sensors to serve and learn the activities of daily living, Wellness can identify oddities that may indicate signify a problem. The system is both proactive and reactive.
This wellness platform is way more comprehensive than plain jane Personal Emergency Response buttons, Wellness is a true safety net that provides a wonderful complete view of well-being, and delivers instant automatic, real-time clear alerts. Unlike an old-school button, medical Wellness does not solely rely on the person to take an action or remember to keep the button with them but it offers this functionality. It’s the best of both. It combines activity, fall detections, two-way voice.
More than medical, its security, comfort and automation.
With workers often times coming in and out of the home, this system integrates keypad smart locks, automated garage door control, door sensors, and video cameras can record caretakers entering and existing. The system supports the popular video doorbells with the ability to answer and speak to anyone at the front door.
                Monitor packages                                                …and the delivery guy
The system also can protect from fire, smoke, carbon monoxide and more.
As we age, we can be more forgetful when cooking and don’t move as fast as we used to. That is where 
Plus it can detect water leaking, low temperature, control heating and cooling and automatic lights…the great thing while being extremely powerful its amazingly simple. For snowbirds this is great.
Medical wellness, life safety, security, and automation all waiting to serve and protect you.
Let’s face it, expert care is expensive and there is no place like home. 
This system can help everyone involved with the people who use it, family members and caretakers.
It can allow people to stay in their homes longer and safer. After all, there is no place like home.
And when and if, expert out of home care and assisted living is needed, it can be transferred or deployed there too.
Everything but video uses the built-in cellular radio to connect it to server for easy access and notifications.
Stay Safe Wellness is coupled with the leading home security solution from Get the additional peace of mind with 24/7 emergency response for intrusion, fire and medical emergencies and have the awareness of what’s going on at home.
There is a vast line of electronic servants and soldiers ready work. 
Pricing options vary. We have a nice standard package with 35 points for protection for under $ 2,000 installed.
For further info, contact us anytime:  317.572.5777

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