B-link Video Partnership

OnGuard Security is please to announce our selection and approval to work with IMPD (Indianapolis Marion-county Police Department) B-link program.
B-Link Info:
Partner with IMPD to link you cameras via our innovative new technology platform.  Securely share live stream video, which is immediately available to IMPD’s 
Incident Analysis Center.
It takes a team. B.link pro’s true success relies upon our partners to help connect your business or location through integration and installation.
OnGuard Security sees this as a wonderful opportunity for the corporate / business entities in the Indianapolis area to partner with and share live and recorded video surveillance footage. This is will no doubt help keep the streets and police officers safer. 
To participate, a business must have internet upload speeds of at least 10 megabytes per second (Mbps).  The basic new installation package includes two (2) perimeter cameras and installation, with one-time equipment and installation charges starting at $900.  In addition, integration into the b.link platform requires a $18 per month per camera fee.  The b.link team is also exploring options to link existing cloud-based cameras into the platform.  This option would require a one-time equipment fee and a monthly per camera fee.
OnGuard recently installed 2 security cameras pro-bono at a local Shell Gasoline Station as part of this program roll-out.
Contact OnGuard directly for more details or the link listed above.

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