Compliments from our clients

Life is hard but God is good.

Life is hard and I just want to take a moment to share a couple unsolicited comments we recently received on an OnGoing job. I am thankful work wiht a team the care and responds with all we got.

First of all I want to commend the techs that are working on this job. They have been excellent to work with and have us ready for the next phase.

Ernie K. – Project Manager with Michaelis Corp

P.P.S. I wish every contractor was as efficient and quick to respond as you are. LOVE dealing with you and your firm!

Jim M – Managing Member of Polaris Commercial Properties

Thanks Scott. Appreciate the kind words and rapid response. As soon as building is in a position to have equipment reinstalled and reactivated, I’ll reach out to your team.

Dan B. – Polaris Property Management

Kirk Booher, OnGuard Owner and Founder

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