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Hi Kirk,

I have a few questions concerning my outdoor lighting. I have noticed that I have an IR illuminator that is not functioning on one of my cameras. It is focused on the drive in front of our home.  I did bring this up at the initial installation, but I didn’t work to resolve it then. 

I notice it now, as I have shut off the main outdoor lighting in the driveway at night. It is totally dark and I have one camera that I can’t view. Can this illuminator be replaced or does the complete camera need to be replaced? Please let me know how to proceed and the cost for me to replace it.

Also, I would like your opinion.  Is it best in these times to be dark at night, as to not draw attention? Or to maintain outdoor lighting?  I have looked at it both ways but felt with our cameras I would have the best of both worlds.  Do the lights deter or attract in desperate times?

Also, I can view my cameras remotely through the software provided.  I would also like to view them while in my home via my wireless router. And not through the software over the net.  Is this possible?  From time to time, I do lose internet service for an extended period of time.  Unfortunately, this happens more than I would like to admit as my internet comes from a radio signal tower. I have mounted at the edge of our woods.

I look forward to hearing from your soon.  Thanks for your insight!

Rick A.


Hey Rick, 

Hey Rick,
We can ship you a new camera for $90. You can also add an IR illuminator for $70 plus shipping.

Video surveillance sign at private residence

It runs off 12v dc, so just needs a basic transformer. The cost is $ 10-15 and then plug it into any outlet. It is a bit brighter than the one built into the camera. So that is another option for you. We can install either but that would cost a few hundred dollars with travel and labor. Unless already in the area, then a lot less, but not a hard project. 

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