Q & A: What is (video) brand that you lead with?

Answer (video):

We carry 6 video surveillance lines

Alarm.com – Cloud based normally for residential and small biz. Active deterrent capability and alarm integration. American design and software, Asian hardware.

Bosch – New for us. Used a lot with larger corporate and government. Full line integration with alarm, access and video. German HQ.

Dahua – Low to mid range end commercial and residential. Cost effective and broad product line. Basic free software. World’s 2nd largest mfg. Chinese brand.

Uniview Tech – similar to Dahua but NDAA approved and smaller product like but decent.

Digital Watchdog (DW) – broad established video product line. Great VMS Software with Spectrum. Mostly commercial to enterprise. DVR, NVR and Servers. US based with Asian production, some self mfg / some outsourced.

Hanwha – broad most excellent line of video cameras, same software as DW’a Spectrum called Wave. Similar to DW but a but more expensive. Top 5 video mfg, they mfg their own chips called Wisenet. South Korean based.

Does one seem like the best fit for what you have in mind? I am happy to discuss if you would like.

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