Video Camera Q&A

A local HOA Homeowner asked some questions about License Plate Cameras and I thought would share.

1) Where is the hard drive stored?
Hanwha – in the nvr on site in an enclosure which can be locked. There is a 3rd party host to store event clips in cloud and soon will be direct.
Eagle Eye (EE) – in a local bridge in the enclosure and also in the cloud as an option, with variable lengths.

2) How do we pull photos or videos? Is there a cost to pull photos or videos?
Via website. No cost.

3) Do we have an option to get photos/videos of the drivers?
its kind of hard to see through shiny windows, even with our eyes. Depends on reflections, tint, etc

4)What are we getting photos/videos of? Just a lic plate? Entire vehicle? Pictures/ video of coming and going with a timestamp?
Both License plates, vehicle and overall view of the scene with 4 cameras. Yes, date and time stamp.

1) The new normal is daytime break-ins. The burglars hide in plain site such as construction/service vehicles.
Cameras will give you a very vivid high def picture during the day and the more the light better at night.

2) Burglars will take the path of least resistance. They won’t bother homes with alarm company signs and or signs of a dog.
Sometimes this is true. Sometimes not. Alarms and dogs both help deter. Video helps shore up the weakness of alarm or dog only because they don’t tell the story very well of what went down.

3)They will look for properties with full mailboxes, multiple newspapers. They will scope out neighborhoods looking for patterns of coming and goings.
Yes, the easier the target the better for them.

4)Josh indicated some cities have started programs to share in the cost of security. Noblesville for one. Wondering if anyone has reached out to Carmel?
That is new news to me. IMPD has a program (B-Link) where you can list your cameras to help the police. And Indy Downtown Inc has a local Cares act program which is just launching temp for business
with locations downtown. If you know anyone downtown Indy, have them contact me. If you find anything else out regarding assistance programs, please let me know.

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