Video Testimonial by John Cannon from MyCarDoc

Posted on February 14, 2016 by OnGuard
Categories: General
John Cannon had his garage secured by OnGuard Security by covering all his bay doors, pedestrian doors, motion sensors, running We also installed external and interior video camera set up for local recording and remote viewing. Plus a few additional surprises. John is an avid networker and member of Gold Star networking group. He recently open up a mechanic shop near 465 and Allisonville in Indianapolis, just about 5 miles south of OnGuard’s Fisher’s office.
OnGuard routinely uses MyCarDoc for maintenance and light repair work. His professionalism and communication is always good. Bob Trimmer, OnGuard Security Consultant, was able to work directly with John to see he was well satisfied and obtained this testimonial. Good work Bob and team.

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