Case Study: Commercial health care access control and video surveillance upgrade

Posted on July 13, 2015 by OnGuardCategories: GeneralCase Study Business / Residence: Health care business 1. Commercial Client with existing access control and video surveillance upgrade:
• Client had 10 year access control and video surveillance system installed by ADT. The customer is interested in upgraded service and system. 2. What did the customer or client do about this?
• The customer contacted several security vendors to entertain quotes and proposals. They provided basic outline of needs and tour of facility. There were 4 existing analog DVR connected to approximately 50 cameras. There were 15 card readers connected to 4 x 4 door Kantech controllers operating on a older Windows server. 8 of the readers were proximity and 8 were fingerprint.
• The client chose our solution. The primary reason is that we were willing to upgrade their existing access system software and did not require them to purchase new readers, controllers, software, etc…just updated software and additional 4 exit readers. The resulted in a significant cost savings to the client as well as enabled OnGuard to do the work with less down time. During the quotation process we proposed multiple solutions which enabled the client to have greater flexibility and choice. 3. What did you do?
• We were fortunate that the manufacturer had a training certification class occurring while the bidding process was occurring. Because none of the other competitors were apparently offering a software upgrade and this would enable the client to save money while upgrading and meeting their requirements, it seemed like a viable opportunity to send 2 techs for certification. Thankfully the investment paid off as this one reason we apparently won the order.
• We ran into a few snags and a savings in the process. The snag was the finger print readers were not compatible with the new operating software on the server. The bonus that our techs in conjunction with the manufacture’s support realized we did not need another controller for the swipe out readers and we could interface them into the existing controllers, saving the client money. Thus the issue with the readers was offset by the saving on the controller evenly.
• The job was completing according to the allotment of time; 2 techs for 2 days, 1 tech a 3rd day.
4. What did you deliver?
• We were able to compete the job on budget and in time. The client’s IT department and director (the Specifier) was helpful and involved in the process along with the General Manager (the Authorizer).
5. Did this work?
• Time will tell how effective the upgrade will be for the client. It seems like it shall work just fine.
6. What are the measurable benefits for the customer or the client?
• The system has been upgraded and future proof for 5-10 years.
• The solution saved 50% cost verse reinstalling most of the hardware from scratch.
• Both systems we able to be installed in less time, approximately 50% reducing disruption to work flow while get up and running faster.
7. Within a b2b context, how did this impact the customer or client’s own customers?
• The client being in healthcare and will have greater controls, reports and security in regard to keeping their clients data secure and complying with heath care rules and procedures.
• The client will be able to ascertain quicker and with more certainly where their staff is and present with the use of access control and surveillance.
8. What can the customer/ client now do in terms of its own market segment that it couldn’t do before?
• The client has an easier and much better path to upgrade their security cameras a needs and budget permits the NVR / DVR connects to their existing analog cameras while allowing them to add higher resolution IP Digital cameras in the future without having to change head end equipment.
• We were also able to add better remote viewing capability including app to see cameras providing multiple uses including alarm verification, deliveries, customer service, etc.
9. What are the future opportunities for the customer/client?
• They have a platform that allow future expansion without having to replace the head end.
10. What experience and capability do you now have as a result of this work?
• We have several new experiences that will enable us in the future including Kantech Certification, Installation and dealing with some new configurations. Working with a quality IT professionals is always a growing opportunity.

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