Comprehensive Security Plan

Posted on May 4, 2014 by OnGuardCategories: General

Tangible 1. Prevent (make unattractive to intruders, assets hidden to thieves) –a) signsb) fencesc) locksd) lightinge) crime prevention techniques and strategies deployed 2. Alert (pre-alarm, low level notification)a) drive alertb) motion lightsd) door chimee) video surveillance 3. Alarm (high level notification) –a) perimeterb) interiorc) manuale) guard / personf) notify 4. Defend (imminent threat must be neutralized or eliminated) –a) self protectionb) safe roomc) policed) guarde) other 5. Capture – (apprehend, prosecute, incarcerate)a) policeb) privateb) video 6. Restore –  (recover / replace assets and peace where possible)a) insuranceb) policec) contractord) counselor Untangible1. Prevent – legal, financial, ID2. Alert – credit, financial3. Capture – police, legal, PI4. Restore – insurance, ID, credit

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