Don’t be deceived by Home Security Companies offer amazing ‘deals’

Posted on June 19, 2014 by OnGuardCategories: General

The old saying, “If it seems to good to be true, it probably is” will never go out of vogue. One on my pet peeves in my industry are companies that claim to over DEEP discounts because ‘they are in the area’, or ‘if you post our security alarm sign in your yard’, or the latest I noticed was a popular review company that offers ‘deals’ because you buy through them. When they actually receive a commission and the ‘deals’ are not ‘special’ at all. Who can REALLY offer 66-89% off and stay in business IF it was legit while paying a ‘marketing fee’? NOBODY. Consumers are not getting a deal after all. But rather when they: 1) Have good credit 3) Sign a monitoring agreement and 3) Are a homeowner. This is common and required all the time and that is what it takes to get a ‘deal’. So I say, don’t fall for misleading advertising. I am not saying these companies don’t have low prices but rather the so-called ‘deal’ is nothing special after all.

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