Fishers Indiana Alarm Ordinance

Posted on April 28, 2017 by OnGuard

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Security Alarms Fishers has an alarm ordinance that requires homes and businesses with security/fire alarm systems to have an alarm permit application on file with the police department. The purpose of the permit is to accurately track contact information for the owners of these structures and help reduce the number of false fire and security alarms.The alarm permit has a bi-annual fee of $25 and is non-transferrable. Alarm renewal permit applications are mailed roughly a month in advance of your renewal date. You must make sure to update the police department of any changes in contact information. The police and fire department respond to every reported alarm. If you accidentally set off the alarm, we ask you to call your alarm company and the non-emergency dispatch at (317) 773-1282 and ask to send a “disregard” message to the officer or fire department. The ordinance grants three false alarms within a calendar year prior to recording an “offense” false alarm. Beginning with the fourth false alarm, the violation will be considered a first offense and fined accordingly. The fine schedule is progressive in nature. The first offense is $50, second offense is $100, and third and subsequent offenses are $150. You can read the ordinance in its entirety by viewing Title XI, Chapter 111 of the Fishers Code of Ordinances. The intent of this ordinance is to insure that security/fire alarm systems function properly and that operators are doing their part to minimize false alarms. By reducing our responses to false alarms, duty officers are available to respond to other calls for service.

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