Homeowner security technology with a senior slant

Homeowner security technology with a senior slant

Posted on May 4, 2014 by OnGuardCategories: General

Over the past 30 years of full time occupation in the electronic security profession, I have seen my share of wrongs and rights. Most folk I come across feel things are getting worse rather than better. One only needs to watch the nightly news for 5 minutes. Home invasions, stabbings, break-in, hold-ups, sexual, murders, and physical assaults, on and on – many at an all-time high. What’s a prudent person to do? Practice the 5 P’s…as my father would often spout (often adding a 6th  P which I shall not repeat). 1) Prior  2) Planning  3) Prevents  4) Poor  5) Performance We can’t do everything but we are fools if we do nothing.  One great thing about technology (unlike our bodies) is that it generally gets better and cheaper over time. This is certainly the case in electronic security. It’s simpler and affordable than ever while much better performance. 

If you can use a DVD or Facebook, our stuff will be a piece of cake when we are through. Video Surveillance helps us see and hear better, 24/7 – as it never sleeps or goes off duty. We are often placing cameras to cover the driveway, front door, back yard and beyond. They are handy for seeing who is at the front door without having to get up or be seen inside the home.

The Evolution of Modern Alarms

It great for monitoring help around the house. Did the UPS driver slam down that package? Or who took it off the porch? Or what happened with so and so? A great thing is the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) has a tremendous memory built-in. It ‘is what it is’ as ‘Ignorance is bliss’ only to a certain extent.Modern alarms are wireless, more reliable AND affordable than ever. We can easily incorporate lights, locks, video, garage door control and so much more. And it’s generally easy to include medical alerts, fire, carbon monoxide, water detector so forth. It’s great to be ‘in the know’ weather you home or away. Of course they are not fool proof, so it’s always a good to idea to have a back-up plan like quality insurance and a home inventory to protect the replaceable. 

Like the old saying, ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’.  I hope you found some value here. If you wish to schedule a free, no obligation security analysis, recommendation and perhaps a quote, let us know by calling 317.572.5777.

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