Increased burglaries

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Increased burglaries are plaguing Northern Marion County and increasing in Hamilton County at a steep rate.I clearly recall numerous people I have talked to in the past few months who have recently been broken into. There are two types of  people I typically come across. Those desiring to prevent a problem and those trying to fix one. Just last week, I was on north Broadripple area avenue. This close knit neighborhood has been swarmed with burglaries of late. The homeowner just shared with me the other day in no less than 8 of her neighbors have been broken into the past year. It is a problem all across town. And out of town too. The typical M.O. is to knock on the door, if no answer, kick in the front door or slide around the back and have their way on a rear door or window. Often the intruders play themselves off a lost soul in the need of direction if conversed with. Never ignore someone at your front door. Yet, be careful to whom you open up your door to. Sound like a catch 22? In a real way it is. I recommend a chain or the type of lock often seen in hotel rooms, a clasp type door guard. So you can speak and see the person without opening it wide open. Peepholes and video cameras help too. If you don’t feel like opening the door, flash on lights, tell them ‘no thanks’ through a window, or whatever. Just don’t ignore them. In the Broadripple area, the intruders snagged some electronics and got away from this particular house. Just a few streets over, a couple of burglars were about to bust in a rear door with a white, stolen van parked out front. Fortunately, a watchful neighbor saw it, yelled at them, called 911 and they were apprehended. Unfortunately, they could only be charged with trespassing and the van had been stolen some time ago, so its not likely they will be charged. Likely, they will be back at it in no time. Perhaps a little wiser but still dumb. The Star recently reported, “By November, MarionCounty had a nearly 10 percent increase in burglaries from last year, according to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. But the area’s greatest increases were in Hamilton County, where burglary reports have climbed 29 percent in Carmel, 23 percent in Fishers and 17 percent in Noblesville, according to each Police Department. The Indianapolis Northside and Northwestside — which are closest to Hamilton County — followed with 16 percent and 15 percent increases in residential burglaries, respectively. Some experts say the ailing economy and dramatic suburban growth contribute to making those communities inviting targets.’ Burglaries have been increasing steadily in metro Indianapolis and similar-sized areas during the past several years. From 2004 to 2006, burglaries increased 8 percent in Indianapolis, 10 percent in Louisville, Ky., and 8 percent in Cincinnati, according to the latest FBI statistics. IMPD North District Maj. David Allender is not convinced that the bad economy is to blame for the increases. “I’m seeing a lot of younger kids being arrested and not a lot of people who have lost their jobs recently and are desperate,” Allender said. “Maybe in a few months, we will see the economy’s impact. But now we are seeing a loose-knit group of young people who often do it for a thrill.” So what is concerned person to do? Call me. I will be happy to perform a complete security survey and make recommendations that may or may not include an alarm. I am closely connected with quality locksmiths, carpenters, glass block, and other contractors who can help. The good news is there are many things that a free or cheap.  Tips to avoid home burglaries • Doors should be visible from the street. Remove obstructions or hiding places for criminals.
• Light doorways and walkways.
• Always lock doors, even when home.
• Install a 180-degree peephole in the door.
• Don’t hide keys outside.
• While having your car serviced, remove house keys from the key chain.
• Stop mail and newspaper delivery when you are away.
• Install an alarm system that will detect entry and notify police.
• Have your lawn mowed and snow shoveled when away.
• Always close garage doors at night.
• Never answer a door without checking who is there, and never let a stranger inside. Sources: Indianapolis Metropolitan Police, Fishers Police departments

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