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Posted on April 15, 2017 by OnGuardCategories: General

QUESTION: Yes, this makes me NOT want to work with ADT in the future! Had to plug it in again because the alarm went off again. So frustrating, and the plug gets so hot… it can’t be safe. ANSWER: Those alarm transformers generally run very warm but are safe. QUESTION: Does anyone know what this is, and how I can get it off my wall?! It’s from the previous owners of our house and comes with no numbers pad. It has a huge plug that screws into the wall which gets really hot and honestly looks like a fire hazard. We unplugged it two nights ago, and TODAY an ear piercing security alarm went off from the box. The only way to turn it off was to plug it back in. I called ADT to have them come remove it but our “account isn’t active so a technician won’t come out.” Literally the only advice the lady on the phone told me was to “leave it unplugged so the whole system powers down.” Ok lady, but plugging it in is the ONLY WAY TO STOP THE EAR PIERCING SOUND!!!! She just repeated over and over the same thing, to leave it unplugged, and that was “all she had.” I know she’s just doing her job but letting an ear piercing alarm just go off in our house (and who knows when it’ll happen again?!) is just not an acceptable solution. Any tips???! I want my husband to just pry it off the wall and clip the cords I guess, but obviously don’t want to damage the wall behind it. ANSWER: Ma’am, I have a key and dont mind taking that down for you for free. The box is of little value but I live in the area and it would only take a few mins. I am the alarm business and we have re-activated 100s of these ADT Honeywell Vista Alarm panels. Just shoot me a msg if you still need some help.

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