Cell communication & 3g sunset dates

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Cell communicators are the most popular forms of alarm communication to Central Monitoring Stations and pushing notifications to customers. 
They are popular because:
1. Supervised – the alarm company should now quickly when they are offline or have problems.
2. App – they provide customers with a digital connection to the internet.
3. Fast – being all digital the data and notifications the monitoring stations and customers apps typically just take a few seconds.
4. Reliable – your alarm company is in control of what happens, unlike relying on a 3rd party who may disconnect, shut off, switch, etc. This, of course, improves reliability.
There are a few drawbacks, like anything, including:
1. They need updating periodically as what happened a few years ago with the 2g network.
T-Mobile will sunset their 2G network no later than December 31, 2020 (highest priority to upgrade). AT&T and Verizon 2g were shut down 2 years ago.
3G radio sunset dates:
The sunset date for and Verizon 3G (CDMA) is Dec. 31, 2022
AT&T 3G sunset date has not been set but assumes Dec. 31, 2022.
ADC (Alarm.com) will discontinue accepting 3G activations on June 30th, 2019.
2. They can be wirelessly jammed. 
3. Rely on cell towers, though are generally reliable.
LTE stands for Long Term Evolution is supposed to last longer than 3g. With the advent of 5g, we don’t know how long is long. Verizon currently says 2032 which if true, is plenty long with the advent of technology these days.
Redundancy is always a good idea with regard to security.
Other forms of communication include the Internet via wired or WiFi. Landline phones are still possible but not recommended. Alarms were never designed to communicate over VoIP internet-based phone systems though companies do connect them, it is the least desirable way to reliably communicate emergency alarm signals.
Several of our manufacture’s system can have multiple forms of communication. QOLSYS can be also connected via WiFi plus built-in cell. We use Verizon as our standard. DSC NEO sports cell and hard line internet connection.

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