There is no substitute for professional 24/7 monitoring

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There’s No Substitute for 24/7 Fast Professional Security Monitoring.
You, nor anyone can be everywhere at once. When a dire emergency strikes, everyone needs help immediately. 

It doesn’t matter how brave or capable or dedicated you are. Seconds seem like hours. Immediate response in paramount.

Take user Benjamin. He’s all of the above. When his security system alerted him to a fire in his house, he ran inside without hesitation to rescue his two dogs, trapped in an upstairs room. 

What he didn’t need to do was stop and call the fire department first. His professional monitoring service had it covered. As Benjamin sprang into action, firefighters were already on their way to save his and his neighbor’s townhomes. Here’s his story. 

Instead of having to hesitate, dial 911 and talk to a dispatcher, Benjamin was able to focus on getting everyone to safety. In an emergency at your home, that’ll be your first instinct too.  That way you can take care of business while knowing full well, professional responders aka the cavalry are on en route.

That’s why you need OnGuard’s security monitoring, and why it’s included with every security system. 

In a fire or break-in at your home, an system sends an emergency signal, via a dedicated cellular connection and/or wifi, to a monitoring station staffed 24/7 with trained security professionals. They’ll quickly assess the situation and alert your local law enforcement or fire department. 

With’s new Smart Signal feature, you can even send an emergency signal to your monitoring station from your phone if you’re in danger. They’ll take care of the rest while you get your family to safety. 

Don’t get us wrong: smartphone alerts and real-time awareness are home security essentials too. Just ask Benjamin’s dogs. It takes a village to keep a village safe. You and we will be there when you need us most IF you hire use. Don’t delay for safety’s sake. 

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