Top 10 Reasons to Use a Professional to install your Security Surveillance System.

Posted on September 15, 2014 by OnGuardCategories: General

1. What may take you ‘days’ to figure out, we being experienced and trained can often do in hours. 2. The odds that it will work properly go up dramatically. 3. We provide a 3 year warranty on most equipment standard. 4. We provide a maintenance, repair, and service plan so that is ALL on us. 5. Easy technical support from someone who actually knows the situation, layout and YOU! 6. Cheap doesn’t mean efficient and expensive doesn’t mean quality. As professionals, we deliver both, efficiency and quality thus giving you a real value. 7. Custom designed to fit your needs and budget. It is bad to overpay, but it’s worse to underpay and the system not perform its intended primary function. We have done this before hundreds, if not thousands, of times. 8. Our techs are excellent wire runners. They are skilled had hiding wires or at least making it the least obtrusive possible. 9. We know the ropes when it comes to setting up remote viewing on your smartphone and computers. We have free or low-cost DDNS server support for dynamic IP addresses. If you don’t know what DDNS and Dynamic IP are, it’s probably best to use a pro. 10. We use professional-grade equipment, both High-Resolution Digital and Standard / High-Resolution Analog system which are purchased directly from the manufacturer with top tier training, support, and guidance.

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